Service & Maintenance

All Air Conditioning Systems need to be properly maintained, not just to keep the units from breaking down but to make them work as efficiently as possible, by getting the maximum heat transfer possible from your system. This will cut your electricity use saving you money as well as reducing your Carbon footprint by consuming less power.

Our techs are trained to get the optimum performance from your air conditioning units, not just cleaning the filters and coils but knowing where and what to adjust for fine tuning of the unit to achieve the most efficient performance from your equipment.

We also offer a deep cleaning service for these COVID times which involves flushing the evaporator coils with high pressure spray sanitizer and disinfectants so you can be assured no pathogens/viruses or bacteria is going to be blown around the office space, ensuring people are safe. 

Maintenance is also something that building owners need to have under control as they will be required to have the various compliance systems maintained and tested to get issued with a BWOF (Building warrant of fitness). Even the air conditioning and ventilation needs to be signed of by an Independent Qualified Person (IQP).

You’ll be pleased to know we are

  • IQP Registered (Independent Qualified Person)
  • A Member of the NZ Climate Control Companies Association
  • A Member of NZGBC (Green Building Council)
  • Authorized suppliers and service agents of all leading brands

If you’re tired of getting “Mr. Rippenmeoff” and are looking for a company to get things working more efficiently, lower the occurrence of breakdowns, and remove the BWOF headaches, then pick up the phone because as always

We blow more than hot air!!

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