Commercial air conditioning is a specialist area as it involves more than just heating and cooling this is because in the commercial world adequate ventilation also plays a big part, so is totally different to the domestic, industrial scene and even process air conditioning for critical environs.

Commercial air conditioning & ventilation systems are primarily designed for occupant comfort, a correctly functioning system has a significant part to play in the health, wellbeing and productivity of people and this is where the ventilation comes in.

Effective ventilation provides outdoor air to the inside space. The main reason for ventilation is to provide fresh air that expel the products of human respiration, mainly Carbon Dioxide and moisture. There are other significant benefits of effective ventilation such as the dilution of odours, expelling pollutants and other emissions present in the space, so system design is very important as the air conditioners selected have to be of sufficient capacity to condition the newly introduced air from outside.

Equipment location and installation also needs to be carefully evaluated. Consideration needs to be given to where the indoor unit and grilles are placed to prevent things like noise, draughts and efficiency. The outdoor equipment should be located in a well-ventilated area. Traditionally outdoor equipment was located on the roof but more recently this has proved problematic for service access if when no internal roof access is available especially under the latest H&S protocols. Safe ladder access to any roof has its challenges, it can only be carried out inappropriate weather conditions and generally requires more than one person, this will add to the cost of servicing and maintenance for the life of the systems.

Don’t Stress. Don’t let any of this become your problem, we will look after it all, just follow our simple 5 step plan:

  • Consultation: Meet and discuss your wants and needs
  • Design: Us coming up with a plan that meets your requirements as well as meeting Council standards.
  • Estimation: Getting you the best quality system at a great deal and then collating the pricing for all the sub trades.
  • Installation: Getting our fast and efficient team in to get it all installed, no sweat, no fuss, no problem.
  • Warranty: Then we will do the first 12 months warranty service for FREE!

If you need AIRCON don’t sweat it come to the people that care and remember that The Air Con Guy is about a triple ‘P’ performance: Prompt, Professional & Perfection.

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