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We provide 24/7 emergency breakdown service on any commercial air conditioner. We realise that technical glitches and functional problems don’t always happen within working hours.


We provide ongoing maintenance services for all kinds of commercial air conditioners. Place a regular maintenance schedule for your office air conditioner with us. Avoid unnecessary breakdowns!


Our expert technicians will install commercial air conditioners and set up service plans to ensure these air conditioners are kept operating at their most efficient capacity.

Is the temperature feeling a bit off in your office?

A Leading Provider of Ventilation System and Office Air Conditioning in Auckland

Hi there! We’re The Air Con Guys… and we’re here to fix your air conditioning system, helping you stay cool -or warm- all year round.
Unhappy with your work environment? Then contact The Air Con Guy!
Repairing or maintaining air conditioning systems can get complicated. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You need to find a qualified air conditioning service so the same problem doesn’t happen over and over again.

What makes us different to our competitors? The answer is simplicity and efficiency are at the heart of our services here at The Air Con Guy.
Whether it’s a hot summer or a cold winter, we want you to enjoy your work environment at all times!

So if you’re hot! And want to be cool! or cool! and want to be hot! Give us a call, we’ll fix you up!

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